What Are Stunt Scooter Pegs – Everything You Need To Know

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The peg scooter is a comparatively new component or add-on modification of the kick scooters. Though a new component, it has become vastly popular within a short time. That is because of the incredible flexibility offered by it.

As you are here, you may already hear about the scooter pegs. If you are excited to know what the pegs are and what functionalities it offers, then you are in the right place.

Keep reading the next pieces of the paragraph to know what are stunt scooter pegs and how they work.

What Are Stunt Scooter Pegs?

The adventurous scooter riders all around the globe are always in search of new ways tricks and stunts. The stunt scooter pegs are such an intensive invention of the scooter enthusiasts.  It is a small iron bar that provides a base for the riders to stand, which can be installed in both rear and front wheels. They help the rider to turn the scooter in any direction they want. The pegs of the scooter offer an extra horizontal axis, which is needed for performing different tricks.

Installing a stunt scooter pegs allow you to perform grinds. In case you don’t know, the grind is when you jump with the scooter and land on a rail. There are different types of grind that you can perform by utilizing pegs. However, you shouldn’t try to perform grinds using an aluminum scooter as they are not that durable.

Adding the stunt scooter pegs also allows you to perform stalls. A stall is when you try to stop scooter by using the peg of the wheel with an 80-degree turn. The pro trick is highly complex and includes the risk of injuries. So, you shouldn’t try to perform this if you are a beginner.

Having pegs on your stunt scooter also make it easier for you to do jump and spins. It can be quite hard to do such tricks without having pegs installed on your scooter. You can easily pull up the pegs to lift for a jump and kick the pegs to move your preferred direction for the spins.

Should you install a Peg On your Scooter?

The answer to the question depends. If you are a pro stunt scooter who gained adequate experience of stunts and tricks, then the peg will be an excellent addition on your scooter. It will make the tricks and stunts easier for you. Having a peg on the scooter will also let you perform newer stunts too.

However, if you are a beginner stunt scooter rider, then the pegs are not needed at all. In case you do so, you will find difficulties during directions, and some other issues will also occur. So, we will advise you not to install pegs on a scooter if you are a rookie.

Pegs are an essential part of the stunt scooters. If you are considering adding pegs in your scooter, make sure that you are picking the one that arrives with quality construction. Hopefully, the article will remove all your confusion about the stunt scooter pegs.