How to Unfold a Razor Scooter

At present, the name of razor scooter is so common to us. We can find various types in the market that may be razor kick scooters, razor electric scooters and razor stunt scooters, etc. Some brands are available in the market for these categories. For easy drive, it is now more popular with everyone. When it’s about a short journey like home to office, home to school, or home to market then it is found as a primary vehicle for a flexible outing. But Its more attractive part is razor scooter can be a foldable razor scooter. 

Why You Unfold a Razor Scooter?

Now you must think that how to unfold a razor electric scooter when it’s about folded. But at first, before knowing how can you unfold it is necessary to know why you need to be. When you travel from one place to another, on the road you will face many problems. And sometimes unbelievably scooter help to come out the problems. When you are on the road sometimes you need to pass a narrow path that is full of other vehicles and you can wait until the car moves. But if you have a razor scooter you don’t need to tense about it. Just fold your razor scooter and pass the problem. If you do have not enough space to keep your three-wheel scooter or two-wheel scooter you can just fold it and it takes less space. What do you think? Is it seeming superb to you?

How to Unfold a Razor Scooter

Unfolding the razor scooter is also straightforward as folding it. You will basically need to reverse the procedure of folding. However, it can also damage the scooter if done recklessly. So, here is the ideal way of unfolding the razor scooter.

Note that there can be two types of unfolding mechanisms in the razor scooters. We will discuss them below. Here is how you should unfold the scooters that arrive with a uniform unfolding mechanism:

  • Start with holding the t-tube of the scooter straight with your one hand. Try to have some distance clearance to avoid injuries and damages in the scooter.
  • Then push the footrest of the scooter downwards using the other hand. You will need to apply gentle pressure for doing so.
  • Now pull the release lever at upwards to fix the scooter. After doing so, the scooter tube should be ejected and ready to ride. You may hear a click sound in some models if you have successfully unfolded the scooter.

Here is how you should unfold the scooter that arrives with a different mechanism:

  • Start with twisting the throttle of the scooter to make it ready for the unfolding.
  • Now, based on the variants of the model, you will need to either lower or raise the handlebar. You can do this by utilizing the push button or the quick-release button.
  • Now use the central button or foot slide depending on the model of the scooter to complete the procedure. The scooter should be ready to ride then.

How to Unfold Stuck Razor Scooter 

Sometimes because of your lack of awareness, you may make your razor electric scooter stuck. When you don’t know clearly how to fold a razor scooter or unfold it, then it can be occurring. Make sure when it’s about steering your razor scooter it shouldn’t be pop backward from your scooter. Because that time you can’t fold razor scooter properly. Back over your scooter and kick back the handlebars down. And you may overcome the problem. 


It’s not a big deal to unfold a razor scooter. But before trying it you should aware of how to open a razor scooter and how to unfold a razor scooter. Razor folding scooter is so useful to us, but for lack of knowledge sometimes you make a crack. So without knowing the parts for a razor scooter and the process of folding and unfolding don’t try it. You may make a defect in razor scooter parts. It’s not so difficult to unfold a razor scooter but at very first with zero knowledge we shouldn’t try anything.