How to Put Stunt Pegs on a Stunt Scooter

The pegs are an add-on modification component of the stunt scooter that offers a new axis to perform better tricks. It is basically a rod that is installed in the central hub of the front wheel. You will notice things tiny components on most of the professional rider’s scooters.

Typically, you will need to install the pegs on your own. So, it can be a little tough to utilize, if you have no previous idea about it. However, worry not. In our today’s article, we will let you know how to put stunt pegs on a stunt scooter.

How to Put Stunt Pegs

The scooters are comparatively a new item in the market. So, you may not see a lot of in-detailed guides that let you know how to install the thing on your scooter. However, we want to tell you that the procedure is straightforward. We will make it even easier with our step-by-step instructions. Here are the steps that you need to follow carefully for installing the stunt peg.

Step-1: Select the Pegs

You will first select a good peg. Though it is comparatively a new item in the market, there are already a lot of variations of it available in the market. They are usually made of alloy, steel, or Teflon. While purchasing the pegs, make sure that they are compatible with the forks and decks for a smooth performance.

Along with the pegs, you will require the peg axle, depending on the deck of the scooter. You will also need a 1/2″ socket wrench and a 6mm Allen wrench for the installation procedure.

Step-2: Remove the axle from the wheel

After gathering all the necessary things for the procedure, now you can start working. Start with removing the current axle from the scooter using the Allen wrench. Store the spacers in a safe place as the tiny thing can get away from you easily. The wheels will come out after removing the axle.

Step-3: Installing the Pegs

Now after removing the wheel and axle, you can start the installation of the pegs. Put the peg axle through the peg. Then put it on the preferred side where you would like to have the peg. Now the next part will be pretty tricky. Now you will need to connect the wheel, spacer, and axle at the same time.

Step-4: Putting things back

It will be quite hard to put back the axle, spacers, and wheel back at the same time. Instead of doing so, what you can do is put the peg axle a bit and then hold it using the spacer. Then you can pass the wheel through the shaft and hold the peg axle using the spacer.

Step-5: Tighten the nuts

You are almost done. Tighten the nuts using the Allen wrench. Don’t put extreme pressure on the nuts as you may end up defecting them. So, the peg axle, along with the peg, is now installed.

Hopefully, the above instructions will be assisting you to install the pegs on your stunt scooter.