How To Put Air In A Scooter Tire – Proper Tire Pressure

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Scooters arrive with two types of tires, which are inflatable and solid rubber tires. If the scooter comes with inflatable tires, then you must maintain the correct air pressure in the tire. The proper air pressure is essential to enjoy a smooth performance from the scooter. Keeping the right air pressure is also important to prevent frequent flats.

In our today’s write-up, we will let you know how to put air in a scooter tire. If you are a novice about scooters, then it can help you to inflate the scooter tire easily from now on.

Step by Step Guide on How to Put Air in a Scooter Tire

Pumping an electric scooter, kick scooter or kick scooter is like pumping the bike. The procedure is entirely the same. Check out the below process to pump the scooter.

Step-1: Find the Nozzle

The first thing you need to do is find out the nozzle of the tire you want to inflate. Scooters may arrive with different types of the nozzle. However, most of them come with the usual one that includes a cap. You will need to unscrew the cap to pump.

Step-2: Connect the Nozzle with Air Pump

You will need either an electric air pumper or a hand tire pumper for this purpose. If it is electric, then connect the pumper with an electrical outlet and then attach it with the pump nozzle and tire nozzle. Then push the lever on the pump by pushing to lock the nozzle in its place.

Step-3: Start Pumping

Now start pumping the tire and keep pumping until the tire is full. You can also check the tire by squeezing the tire with your finger. Once the tire becomes full, it will be hard to press.

Step-4: Put the Cap Back

After the tire is filled with air, you can put back the cap in its place. Make sure that tighten it properly so that the air doesn’t come out.

This is how you can pump most of the scooter tire. If the tire is very tiny, then it will be pretty hard to fit the hand pump in the tire’s nozzle. In such situations, you may use a nozzle extension to reach the wheel comfortably. You can also use a nylon extension apart from the usual nozzle wheels.

Generally, smaller scooter wheels don’t require a lot of time for pumping. You can fill them with a few pushes.

Recommended Air Pressure for Scooters

You don’t need to go through the hassle of pumping if the scooter arrives with solid rubber tires. However, the inflated tires need to be checked regularly, and the proper tire pressure must be maintained for a smooth performance.

Check the instruction manuals that arrive with the scooter. You will find the required information to know the recommended air pressure and procedure to inflate. If you don’t have access to the instruction manual, or if you bought a used scooter, then you will need to check the tire itself.

Sometimes, the recommended air pressure is often mentioned on the tire. The requirement will be mentioned in the PSI or Pressure per Square Inch scale. You may utilize a pressure gauge while pumping to ensure the proper pressure is pushed.

Final Words

Most of the scooter rider prefers the inflatable scooter as they offer a smooth performance. However, the tires can become flat anytime if they are not properly maintained. Especially, inflating the tires regularly in time is very important to prevent any kind of issue. Hopefully, now you can comfortably inflate the scooter tire after reading the above instructions.