How to Fold a Razor Scooter

The Razor is one of the most reliable names in the kid’s scooter, pro stunt scooter, kick scooter, and electric scooter industry. They are producing quality scooters at a reasonable price for the consumers. The Razor scooters are user-friendly and well-engineered to ensure a smooth riding experience. Almost all the razor scooters are foldable so that the rider can easily store or transport them as needed.

It can be a little bit confusing to how to fold a razor scooter if you have no previous experience with it. Trying to fold the razor scooter in the wrong way can damage the scooter as well as cause physical injuries. Below, we will show How to Fold a Razor Scooter in some easy steps. Keep reading to grasp the procedures.

Can a Razor Scooter be Folded?

Yes, it’s a positive answer. You can easily do that and make your daily life easier than before. You got several ideas about how to fold a Razor electric scooter but you need to choose the right one. Because wrong instruction about how to fold electric scooters may cause a crack in your razor scooter. And that may befall you in trouble. We gave you the best ideas so that you can get a clear idea about how to collapse a razor scooter and what’s the way to repair it. Don’t vanquish yourself anywhere we tell you a most effective idea.

Why You Fold Your Razor Scooter?

Now, this is a trend to have a scooter and if it can fold then this is so surprising. But do you think why you fold razor scooters? I guess it’s not tough to understand. It may give you the chance to save some space. And also when it’s time to riding in a narrow or traffic place then must need to know how to fold a razor scooter in half. But without knowing how to close a razor scooter never try to do this. Then by your little fault, you may need to do razor scooter folding mechanism replacement.

Easy Steps on How to Fold a Razor Scooter

Here are the steps that you require to follow while folding the razor scooter:

Slide-Out The Grips

At the very first step, you need to slide out the grips. In case you don’t know, the grips are the part of the handlebar where you put the hands while riding. They help you to balance the scooter as well as change the direction. You can easily slide out the grips by pushing the release button on the T-tube.

Slide Down the Handlebar

The handlebar or T-tube is one of the essential parts of the scooter. It accommodates the grips, holds the components, and helps the rider to balance on the deck. Folding the scooter means pulling down the T-bar for easier carrying, transportation, or storage.
Generally, there is a quick-release lever in the razor scooters, which lets you unclamp the tube. Press the quick-release lever and push the handlebar down. After the handlebar of the scooter is collapsed, the prominent size of the scooter will become smaller.

Complete The Fold

You are almost done. Put the scooter in an upside-down position and then place the hand at the handlebar. Then gently push the joint release lever with your hand. Now the scooter is carrying or transportation. Make sure to lock all the moving parts as they can cause issues while carrying.


Note that different parts of the scooter like the quick release, push-button, the central button can be delicate, and they can be easily damaged if you handle them carelessly. Only apply the required amount of power while working with the Folding the scooter is a straightforward procedure. It is briefly described in the user manual of the vehicle. If you don’t know how to unfold a razor scooter, you can check out our guide. However, for additional assistance, hopefully, the above-write up will be useful for you.