How To Fix An Electric Scooter – Most Common Issues and Solution

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It is very normal when you ride your electric scooter you suddenly realize it is not working properly. In that case you must want to fix the problem with the scooter, right? E-scooters are quite durable and do not require much maintenance. However, like other vehicles, since it also has some electrical parts, any problem can come up sometimes. 

However, when you use an electric scooter for a long time, it can cause some issues. Issues are very common so you can fix them yourself if you want. You can also take the help of any repairing center. Now the question is what kind of problems can occur in an electric scooter and how to fix an electric scooter. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems of electric scooters and how to fix them.

Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Before knowing how to fix an electric scooter, you need to know what kind of problems can be seen in it. When you get a good idea about these problems, you will understand how to solve them. Now, please sit down and read carefully what are the common issues of an electric scooter and how you can fix them.

Battery problems

The most common problem with an electric scooter is a battery problem. You may not seem to understand the difference between a low-charged battery and a dead battery. When a scooter is turned on, if its battery is low then it fails to run properly. Being low-charged it does not get enough power to operate the motor. A battery is usually low-charged or dead when it is not properly charged up. This is one of the main reasons why the battery is completely dead.

On the other hand, the scooter’s battery is already dead, even if it is turned on, it will not give any kind of signal. Then you have to understand that its battery is dead. Sometimes e-scooter batteries are less efficient. That means it can’t able to supply power for long time. You will not be able to drive your scooter for a long time due to short power supply.

The solution

  • A battery is usually low-charged or dead when it is not properly charged up. This is one of the main reasons why the battery is completely dead.
  • If you want to keep your scooter’s battery healthy and good, all you have to do is charge it regularly. Scooter batteries need some time to be fully charged. You must consider that time.
  • In some cases the battery may not be strong enough even after being charged. In this case you can buy a voltmeter which will help you to make sure that the battery is being charged properly. You need to keep it on charge until the scooter shows a green signal. Once you see the green signal, it is fully charged.
  • If the battery is less efficient or can’t supply for long time, then you need to change it. 

Motor is not running

The only problem that can be heard after the battery problem is that the motor of the scooter does not run. Sometimes the motor may not start due to battery problems. But if you are sure that your battery is completely OK then you must look at your scooter.

There are several reasons why a motor may not run. You need to find out first why it is not starting. When you get an idea about the cause then you can take action accordingly.

The solution

  • At first, you need to check the motor to determine the problem of the motor. See if there is any exposed wire coming out of it or if there is any strange smell. Sometimes fluid can come out of the motor. In this case, pay attention to the fuse.
  • Burned-out fuses are one of the main reasons why a scooter’s motor does not start. Use a “multimeter” when checking the fuse. You can push the scooter from behind for a few seconds to start the scooter’s motor.
  • You can also try activating the throttle to start the engine. You can check the scooter manually if you want. You can disconnect the braking wire connector from the speed controller. This allows the motor to restart. 

Engine heats up quickly

Rapid engine overheating is a major problem for scooters and is also a cause for concern. The good news, however, is that most of the scooters currently on the market come with safety mechanisms that help prevent any damage after a quick engine hit.

When the engine of a scooter hits quickly, you will feel the heat from it. A battery also heats up quickly as the engine heats up quickly. Once the battery fails to function properly or is completely dead.

The solution

  • You surely want to know how to fix an electric scooter if it gets overheat engine problem. To fix this you must first turn off the engine and wait until it cools down completely.
  • Sometimes the engine heats up quickly due to a damaged fuse or wiring problem and it results in a lot of pressure on the battery. Excessive pressure on the battery can cause damage and cause the battery to break.
  • Determine what causes an engine to hit. If you can’t determine the cause of the hit, you should get to the repair center immediately without delay.

Scooter runs for short time

Surely, you won’t like to see a scooter run too slow or stop at any time quickly? Never, right? This type of problem can usually occur if the battery is not fully charged. After using a scooter for a long time, its battery starts getting old. An old battery is not as efficient as a new one. Just as an old battery cannot hold a charge for long periods, it takes a long time to fully charge it.

Sometimes if you try to take the scooter to the uphill, it may turn off automatically. However, if the scooter runs for a very short time in a flat area, it is a matter of concern.

The solution

  • If you find that the scooter has been running for a very short time due to your battery problem, then changing the battery would be ideal.
  • Also look at the tier of the scooter. If the tiers have low air pressure and if they are flat, then the speed decreases with time. So keep an eye on the tier of your scooter and repair them quickly if you have any problems.
  • Don’t try to ride your e-scooter to the uphill. While riding on uphill, it bears a huge pressure on it that it can’t take. So, avoid riding on uphill. 

Issues with speed controller

Speed ​​controller is one of the most important components of a scooter. It plays the most important role in increasing or decreasing the speed. A common problem with electric scooters is faulty speed controllers. If there is a problem with the speed controller, you will fail to control the speed of your scooter.

The solution

  • If you have a faulty speed controller then the first thing you need to do is destroy it completely. 
  • After that the loose wires have to be tightened and the damaged wires have to be replaced with good wires. After all this you need to reassemble together.
  • When reassembling you must be careful not to make any mistakes. Once reassembled, turn on the scooter again and check if the acceleration is running. 

Some Other Electric Scooter Issues with Solution

The issues we have already raised are some of the common issues of electric scooters. Apart from these, sometimes there are more problems if they are not too much to worry about. Let’s find out how to fix an electric scooter with some other issues.

Weak acceleration

If you ever use a little more power while riding a scooter to drive faster and if it gets slower then you must fix it. But there are different ways to solve it so there is no reason to worry.

If you have encountered this type of problem even after touching the accelerator, then it must be understood that there is a problem with the electrical controller or fuse. In this case you need to repair the electrical controller or fuse. To repair, you have to take the help of a good or good repairing center with the help of experts.

Kill switch on

Electric scooters usually have a feature called kill switch which works quite well in conserving the potential energy of the scooter. If you turn on this switch after riding all day, it can save energy well. Sometimes it is seen that the engine does not start even after turning on the scooter. This only happens when the kill switch is turned on. Turn on the kill switch only when the battery charge of your scooter is reduced.

If the engine does not start even after you turn on the scooter, you must first find the kill switch. If it is on, turn it off and then restart the engine.

Electrical controller problem

All electric scooters have an electric controller. It is a kind of board that fits all the fuses and wires together. If ever the wires get loose then there is a problem with the electric controller.

In this case, your first task is to check if the wires are safe. If you find that the wires have become loose or damaged, you need to fix or replace them immediately. Replacing them is not a difficult task. However, if you want, you can replace them at the repair center.

Fuse blow or circuit breaker

If your electric scooter uses a fuse, check the inside of the fuse to determine if it is on fire. You need to remove the fuse from the device and hold it under the light. If your electric scooter uses a circuit breaker, you need to push-on or reverse it to see if it resets.

Fuses can burn out where you can’t see it, and even if the circuit breakers are mechanically reset, it won’t work. Use a multi-meter to determine if they are working.

Faulty battery charger

If your battery charger is defective, you will never be able to charge your battery. As a result, the scooter will not start due to low charge. Checking a faulty charger is not a difficult task. Plug the charger into an outlet and see the indicator light. If you see that the light is not illuminated, then you must understand that there is a problem with the charger.

Some of the chargers are good but the battery is not charged properly or it takes a long time to be fully charged. If you face such a problem with your charger, it will be useful to buy a new charger. But before you buy a charger, you must check if it is perfect for your scooter or not. If you find any problem with the charger then you should buy a new charger very soon. The sooner you buy a new charger, the sooner you can charge your scooter’s battery.

How to Avoid Electric Scooter Issues?

You already have ideas on how to fix an electric scooter. Now you should know how to avoid the issues of electric scooter. You will have no worries about fixing your scooter when you can avoid problems. If you want to use your scooter for a long time then how to handle it

You need to know in advance. Avoid riding scooters during extremely cold weather, rain or water, as this can have a significant effect on the battery. Also, it is better not to drive the scooter in uneven places, especially in high places, because it puts a lot of pressure on the battery. Avoid riding the scooter recklessly as it can loosen the bolts and wires which can cause problems later on. 

How to Take Care of an Electric Scooter?

If you want to take good care of your electric scooter, the first thing you need to do is fix it before any problems occur. Scooters usually do not require much maintenance. However, if you check it regularly and keep it clean, it will be able to serve you for a long time.

If you take good care of the scooter before and after the ride, it will be much more durable as well as prevent any damage. It will also protect you from all kinds of costs.

How to Get the Best Repair Shop to Repair your E-scooter?

If you do a little research you will find numerous repair centers where electric scooters are repaired. All repair centers claim that they fail to buy the best service they can.

Finding a good quality repair shop is a challenging task. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to find. If you are looking for a good repair shop then you need to do some research first. In this case online may be the best place for you.

You will see reviews of various repair shops online and get ideas about customer satisfaction. This way you can choose a good repair shop. But before choosing a repair shop, it is important to know how they charge. This will give you an idea of ​​what kind of work will cost.

Final Words

You must want the scooter to be in motion at all times and you can ride it anytime, right? Although it is very usual to expect, mechanical things can be useless at any time. In this case you need to know how to fix an electric scooter.

We have already tried to highlight our article on how you can solve the problems of an e-scooter. Although these are very common problems and some are somewhat rare. However, if you want, you can fix them yourself or you can take the help of any good repairing center.

Hopefully through this small effort of ours you have got a complete idea about everything about fixing an electric scooter. Thank you all.