How To Choose A Kick Scooter – An Ultimate Guide

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I had gifted kick scooters to my sister and nephew on their birthdays. And I am quite overwhelmed with the joy that they like my present very much. Now, my sister and his son can have a good time riding the scooters. Moreover, they are now on vacation, and they have taken the scooters since the scooters are foldable. And guess what, the scooters are being saviors for them. So, before buying the scooter, I have to know how to choose a kick scooter.

The tips and tricks help me to buy a proper scooter. And I am quite interested in sharing them with all of you.

Significant considerations to be made

First of all, we need to think about whether the scooter is for kids or adults. Then, we have considered the following questions –

  • Is the adult or the kid experienced?
  • What is the purpose of buying a scooter?
  • What is the respective physical ability of adults and kids?
  • What are the appropriate technical features for a particular scooter?

Guide for How To Choose A Kick Scooter

If we look at the technical features for adults and kids –

Wheel Size

For adults, there are mainly two types of wheels – large wheels and small wheels. The wheels are made of plastic core embedded into polyurethane thread for its wear-resistant, excellent grip, and rebound ability. There go mainly three types of diameter for large wheels – 180,200 and 230 mm. 

The large wheels offer better shock absorption, rolling safety, larger deck. And the small wheels are in 100, 120,125, or 145 mm diameter. The benefits of having small wheels are – lightweight, hassle-free, less strenuous for speeding up. So, if you want great performance, you should choose large wheels. And if you want convenience, you should choose small wheels.

And for kids, there are mainly two types of scooters – two-wheeled or three-wheeled scooters.

For the three-wheeled scooter, there are mainly four types of scooters:

Two front wheels, one rear wheel, with lean-to-turn type steering: This scooter is for very young riders (3 to 7 years) like toddlers. It is suitable for balancing.

Two front wheels, one rear wheel, with bicycle-type steering: This one type is perfect for becoming the first kick scooter of a kid’s life.

One front wheel, two rear wheels, with bicycle-type steering: Go to this one if your child is facing a problem with the lean-to-steer type.

One front wheel, two rear wheels in a V-shape arrangement: This one is a unique type of scooter.

And there is a two-wheeled scooter which requires more experience. So, if your child is a beginner, give him the three-wheeled scooter. And if he/ she is quite active and agile already, buy him/her a two-wheeled scooter.

Bearing Quality

If you want a higher-performance scooter, consider the higher bearing rating.

Deck Size (small scooters or large scooters)

The size of your deck or scooter is proportional to the wheel size. So, if you are looking for comfort and stability, you should go for a large deck. But the larger ones are hard to push. Again, if you want a light or agile kick scooter, you should go for a small deck. But the small deck could be uncomfortable since there is less space.

Deck Height

This factor is quite essential. The low deck height is quite comfortable. The foot which will be at the deck will not need to be bent very much.

Folding Mechanism

If you are looking at the kick scooter reviews, the scooters don’t have a folding mechanism. But except this, the majority of the scooters have a folding mechanism. So, if you like traveling with a scooter, you should buy a foldable scooter.

The Suspension (Shock absorbers)

The shock absorber is a crucial feature. It is a spring-based mechanism installed in the front wheel. It helps you to roll over rough surfaces. If you prefer comfort over performance, you should go for suspension. It is a personal preference.

Some points to be noted

When you go for buying a scooter, you need to have some points in the head –

  • Consider your age and weight before buying.
  • Test the joints of the scooter carefully.
  • Don’t go for extra-heavy scooters.
  • Need to have the right bearing.

I guess after reading the buying guide, you could get a clear vision of how to choose a kick scooter. Most importantly, you need to buy a scooter according to your usage and needs. If you want to have fun with a scooter, you should go for larger ones. And if you’re going to use it as a medium of transport to the office, go for the light and high-quality ones.